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The Power of So Hum

Posted by Laurie Hall on


You've  done it, haven't we all? That time you set your intention at the start of your meditation. You're going to stay focused and not let your mind wander. Then, suddenly, out of no where you find your mind has drifted away to what you are making for dinner tonight. You observe your random thought and let it go. It floats away like a puffy cloud. That worked this time, but there's a power tool in our meditation shed that you should know about. It's the sacred Sanskrit mantra So Hum. If you are new to yoga or meditation, So Hum can be of special benefit to you. Practicing this mantra will enable you to quiet your mind much faster.  Let's explore this tool and use it to get the most out of our yoga practice.

So Hum is a very effective mantra capable of transforming individual consciousness. It is simple, yet profound and translates to "I Am That"; So meaning "I Am", Hum meaning "That".  So Hum symbolizes the connection to universal energy. This mantra aligns with the belief in "oneness", being one with the universe and all of creation. So Hum can be used to bring about peace, tranquility, joy, and relief from imbalances like stress, depression and anxiety. Ultimately, the objective of this mantra is self-realization.

To perform this mantra effectively, you should be very mindful of the rhythm of your breath.

  1. Sit in a comfortable posture for meditation.
  2. As you slowly inhale, silently say "So" (notice the the vibration in your body)
  3. As you exhale with "Hum," inwardly say "that" or "all that is."
  4. Pause between breaths and notice any distress or discomfort. You may want to envision your intention for the meditation.

Cycle through steps 1-4 as long as desired.

If you can, aim for 20 minutes of meditation per day using this mantra. You will soon see shifts in your mood and perspective. You will be much more focused. It may take some practice, so let it do it's magic!

For those who are wanting to take it a step further, try this meditation from Whole Hearter Yoga.

So Hum Meditation

I highly recommend taking a look at the following pages for deeper understanding and appreciation of So Hum

So Hum resources:

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  • I’ve never practiced so hum meditation before, but just tried it for the first time. It is very calming, and I thank you for introducing me to it, Laurie.

    Susan on

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